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Who are we?

Ridair/Brema is a long established engineering and trading company, developing and providing lubrication solutions to the global aviation and shipping industries.

We are LINCOLN Industrial distributor and BERNSTEIN importer for the Benelux market, two top brands in their markets. 

LINCOLN Industrial is the leading manufacturer of lubrication equipment and systems with production and development facilities in the USA and Germany. Lincoln's products are the backbone of our lubrication solutions, providing you with proven technology in combination with innovative developments.

Download here the LINCOLN general lubrication equipment catalog

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Bernstein is an innovative German manufacturer of hand tools for electronics. The very detailed tools program of BERNSTEIN provides a tool solution for every electronics specialist. BERNSTEIN specializes in ESD* tools for EPA* spaces.

Download here the BERNSTEIN general catalogue
Download here the BERNSTEIN ESD catalogue

*Electro Static Discharge, *Electrostatical Protected Areas 

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Aircraft Lubrication

Since 1954 Ridair/Brema is active in the aviation industry. We are developing and producing specialized lubrication needles for reaching difficult accessible lubrication points in aircraft's. Visit our aircraft lubrication page here

Download the Aircraft Lubrication Tools catalogue here  

5803XA lubrication needle


For the shipping industry we have developed an automated engine lubricant partial replacement system. The Lubetimizer enables you to stabilize the lubricants quality and minimizing the overall engine lubricant consumption resulting in reduction of lubricant budget and environmental impact. The Lubetimizer has been awarded with the Dutch MIA and VAMIL subsidy for environmental friendly investments.

Please visit the Lubetimizer site on www.lubetimizer.com

Lubetimizer control unit